Science Olympiad

VASO Division A registration for 2017-18 is now closed. 


HW did not have a Division B team this year. Please contact if you are interested in volunteering.

science olympiad

Science Olympiad is a school-based program for students from third grade through their senior year in high school. It offers students the opportunity to improve their understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and to work together in teams to learn new skills. Virginia Science Olympiad (VASO) is a non-profit organization engaging and challenging students in these disciplines through team-based competitive tournaments in Virginia.

VASO seeks to inspire a passion for science and technology in Virginia’s students through collaboration and teamwork, hands-on experiences, variety, and creativity in topics and skills, and fun and rewarding tournaments. Events are carefully chosen by the National Science Olympiad organization to reflect national educational standards and are changed or revised every year to allow students to learn new things.

There are two annual competitions divided as follow

Division A Division B
3rd, 4th and 5th grades 6th grade


Both divisions

SO participants work in pairs.  While students can choose their partner, the events will be assigned by the coordinator. Preferences will be considered, but ultimately, a student is expected to take on the Science Olympiad challenge with an open mind, willing to learn whatever comes his/her way.  All events are challenging and interesting, it is up to the parents to make the students see this.

In SO parents are coaches.  Each pair of students will be typically coached by the parent of one of them.  They meet as often as desired and at a location of their choice.  The entire team will only meet once or twice to talk about tournament logistics.

Regional tournaments are held at a nearby school, during a weekend day.  They start around 8 am and finish with an awards ceremony in the evening.
There will be a non-refundable registration fee of $35 for all participants.
As you can see, SO requires a strong commitment both on the part of the student and his/her family.  Please don’t sign up lightly.  If you withdraw your child halfway through the season, the whole team suffers the consequences.

Division B ( — HW Coordinator TBA (

The Division B of The Science Olympiad is intended for grades 6th, 7th, and 8th.  SO teams are groups of 15 students that work in pairs and prepare for 2 or 3 events per pair.

Events are divided into two categories:
  • Study events, such as Anatomy and Physiology.  At the tournament, students, working with their partner, simply answer a written test.
  • Building events, such as Elastic Launched Glider. For this events, students work with their partner on building a specific device following the rules provided. At the tournament, the device is tested in front of judges.

A complete list of events for Division B can be found at  Please notice the tournament schedule is already posted.  Students must choose carefully since some events are in conflict.

Registration for Division B normally closes in late October.

Division A ( — HW Coordinator TBA (

The Division A, for 3rd, 4th and 5th grades, is run by a different group of people and intends to be a training opportunity for students who’d like to go on to the higher divisions.  The rules are similar but a little more relaxed.  Students can participate in as few events as desired.  The maximum of participants per school is larger so it’s possible every HW student wanting to participate will get in.


The tournament is later in late April or early May.  Take a look at the VASO A website for more information.  Before you proceed with registration, download and read carefully the events descriptions for this year.


Participating in VASO means being part of a team.  Please make the commitment only if you intend to participate fully.